Adrian Darwin Rillon

Yoyo extrodinare Adrian is usually worldbuilding for the next horror/post-apocalyptic tabletop RPG game he wants to run, or playtesting any Magic: the Gathering deck that lets him take all of the fun in a match. He finds his love of gaming in more social events, like LAN parties, board game nights, and FNM’s (when he can make it). He loves to clean up tables playing Red Flags, Smash Up, or The Resistance. If he’s feeling like being on line, this dog enthusiast can be found in the Arena of Smite, playing as Ra, Sol, or Khepri, or on Sanctum Falls playing Gigantic as Tripp or Xenobia…if he’s not petting a good dog.

Maria Belyaeva
Editor/Streamer/Ice Queen

Born in the snow white wonderland that is Russia, she got her bear at the tender age of five. This was soon followed by a tear filled goodbye as her life turned in an opposite direction. She was whisked away to a new country and was told to follow some kind of dream that apparently exists somewhere. She has maintained control over her Ice Magic and brings the occasional snow day to the city of Austin. Masha can be found on Summoner’s Rift or on Legend of the Poro King, playing League of Legends as Jinx, Teemo, Sona, or any of the slew of her favorite champions. You can also try your luck and see if you can catch her while playing Two Rooms and a Boom.

Melissa DeVarney
Photographer/Filmmaker/Dragon Tamer

This Austin native caught the filmmaking bug after watching The Lord of the Rings DVD extras and has been hooked ever since. Melissa, cosplayer extrodinare fills her free time with tacos, cosplay, bunnies, and of course games. This Jedi’s personal favorite tabletop games include: Lords of Waterdeep, Smash Up, Super Fight. If not found on an archery range, she can also be caught playing Curse of Monkey Island, Fallout 3, or Tomb Raider.