E-scahp-e kind of looks like the word “escape”!

So tonight I had an adventure I’m likely to try again, whenever it gets updated. A few friends and I recently heard of this awesome adventure, this awesome thing I could do with friends to feel the nostalgia of middle school flash games, solve puzzles, yell at people, and feel like a badass. What is this awesome thing? It’s the:


What? I thought you were supposed to be writing about games…

Yeah, but this was is one of a trending amount of live action versions of the “escape the room” genre of flash games which is a type of point and click adventure where you use the objects in the room you’re trapped in to escape.

Tell me about it!

The creators said that the had been to one in London, and just had to make one here in Austin. Only 20% of entrants have successfully been able to solve all of the puzzles before the one hour time limit, and I can now add myself to that bunch! They set up a scenario, and you and your team try and complete the objective and escape. The puzzles are all pretty well crafted, and as a fairly regular DM (Dungeon Master), I was very impressed with the amount of effort put into integrating all of the puzzles into the storyline they gave us. I highly recommend going with the full amount of people, instead of just the minimum (a bit over half the capacity of the room), because some of the puzzles took my entire group’s collective brain power to solve.

What’s it like?

Pretty much every single escape room flash game, coupled with the party dynamics of an RPG. They split us up into different roles, and then we started the puzzles! They did a great job of immersing us into the storyline that they set up for us. There was a great deal of effort put into this adventure, and it definitely shows. The rooms and puzzles change about every 6 months, and they just opened a large room with a capacity of 12, where the original room has a capacity of 8.

Who would love this?

Everyone that likes puzzles, anyone that can immerse themselves into a game, and groups of friends that work well together. It’s a fun, unique experience that you’ll be talking about for awhile, I know I will be! I’ll be waiting for the day when I can either get enough friends together to tackle the large room, or after the room changes puzzles again.


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