Full Tilt

So this is the first post in my new blog. I’m planning on reviewing and discussing different tabletop games, looking at first impressions, then more playthroughs, talking about various strategies and the like. Hopefully I can have enough time to talk about other games too! This all started because I wanted to turn a hobby (playing games of all kinds) into something productive in my post-grad life! It also gives me an extra excuse to sit around playing games with my friends, because who doesn’t love to do that?

Going On Tilt

Tilting is a poker term for when high running emotions start to affect one’s play strategies. Recently, this term has been picked up by CCG/TCG (Collectible/trading card game) enthusiasts, especially when it comes to tournament play. I chose this for the name of my blog because when I tilt to a certain extent, I feel like changing games that I’m playing, so I can clear my head a bit. This has led to being able to play many different games over the years.

Now for the good stuff.

I’m going to be posting about once or twice every two weeks, just so I can get enough playthroughs of a game! I’m going to start off with some games I personally recommend to anyone and everyone that loves strategy games!

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